Active workshops

Since the end of the summer, many new workshops have been created with the purpose of summoning together the people who discussed on similar subjects themes on the 1st of May in various places in Estonia. To get acquainted, create a network and after that, agree on which are the following steps.

Workshops are continuation for brainstorming session and a regular opportunity for people, who share an intrest to the same subject, to get together.

Maritime themed workshop "Estonia for a maritime nation"

Maritime themed workshop grew into a society called Rannarahva Koda, whose members wish to contribute to networking of sea-based organizations, maritime specialists, people who take interest in maritime- and beachculture and other interest groups. Members of the Rannarahva Koda aim to enhance the unique seaside location of Estonia and contribute to changing Estonia from a seaside country to a true maritime nation again.

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The leader of Rannarahva Koda is Riina Aasma, riina, tel +372 50 94 272

Workshop "Entrepreneurship and the new jobs"

The aim of this workshop is to find opportunities to reduce unemployment in both local and national level, to exchange ideas and to create a group of leaders for further actions. Number of different ideas to create new jobs have been taken up at this point.

Workshop is lead by Vello Tamm, tamm.vello, tel +372 52 68 017

Organic farming themed workshop "Lets eat it"

All people who want to eat good and not contaminated estonian food or who grow it themselves, are welcome to the workshop. Workshop analyses existing networks, enterprises and non-profit organisations, who already are dealing with mediating Estonian farmers products to consumers. At this basis, members try to find solutions - how could good estonian food be available at an affordable price for each (city)person.

Workshop is lead by Marit Otsing, marit, tel +372 51 17 327.

Education themed workshop "Updating schoolsystem in Estonia"

Aim of the workshop is setting up a working group which will develop concrete proposals and actions to improve the education system. Activities are carried out in the form of club, as seminars and in internet forums. The purpose of the club is mainly getting to know eachother and experiences of members and topics arise according to people who are attending. From the 6th of November to the 8th of November there is a workshop held in Tartu on the subject "Challenges to education on the 21st century". Debates take place in both Estonian and Russian languages. For the preparation of workshop, a homepage has been opened and a forum is for registration

More specific overview of all previous discussions and further steps can be found in forum at a webpage . Workshop is lead by Valdo Ruttas and Jüri Ginter, jyri.ginter, tel +372 56 663 101.

Democracy themed workshop

Workshop is held on two subjects.  Discussions will focus on "Community and local governance" and "A vision of society and the governance model."

Workshops aim to formulate problems of today in the basis of topics discussed in brainstorming session and discuss possible further steps. For example, in the brainstorming it was pointed out that parliamentary democracy in the Republic of Estonia has exhausted itself and different solutions were offered from chambered parliament to virtual parliament. It was also noted that the electoral law does not take today's realities into account, and there are few opportunities for nonparty people to really step in politics.

Workshop is lead by Peeter Jalakas, e-mail peeter.jalakas