Come Along!

Come Along!” is an Internet promotion project launched by EMT (, Elion (, MicroLink ( and Vaata Maailma SA ( in the framework of the My Estonia initiative. The project aims to provide basic and advanced computer training to 100,000 people and connecting 50,000 more families to the Internet over the next three years.  

Why are we doing it?

The number of Internet based applications increases on a steady basis while many existing services are made available over the Internet. These applications and services are not available to people not using the Internet.  A study of the digital divide ( conducted by the Ministry of the Economic Affairs and Communications points out that people are divided by their skills and motivation to use various means of information and communication technology for improving their quality of life. "Come Along!" will help to bridge the digital gap in society by facilitating Internet use (free training, discounted computer and Internet connection). 

Current situation:

  • 59% of households have a computer;
  • 52% of households have Internet connection;
  • 67% of Estonian population aged 15-74 use the Internet.
This all leads to the conclusion that about 300,000 adults in Estonia are not using the Internet.  With the "Come Along!" project we will minimise barriers to Internet access and help the people who are not using the Internet to overcome their skill and motivational barriers.   

For whom?

The target group includes members of the Estonian as well as Russian communities without the skills and opportunities to use the Internet, primarily:
  • families with children;
  • rural population;
  • older generation;
  • people on low and medium income.


"Come Along" focuses on:
  • training and user assistance - basic and advanced Internet training and mentor program;
  • hardware – affordable new or used computer for new Internet-users, free computers as a special project;
  • connection – reasonably-priced wireless or broadband Internet.

Additional information:

Ain Järv tel 503 4402
See our homepage here