New brainstorming sessions planned on most discussed issues of 1 May (31.07.2009)

The follow-up activities to the My Estonia brainstorming session have gained new impetus since the summer holidays. In August there will be four new brainstorming sessions held at subject-based workshops in order to work more specifically on the ideas and topics presented at the 1 May brainstorming session. The brainstrorming session did a great job of bringing together people with the same interests so that they can work with one another to find new solutions to the issues closest to their hearts.

My Estonia board game on sale (31.05.2009)

Would you like to try a hand in politics and try to manage Estonian state with your friends?

"My Estonia" real politics board game offers a number of similar situations, where continuously changing the minister positions it is needed to negotiate, enter into agreements, to cope with unexpected situations but not to forget to make useful decisions for Estonian state.

Press Release: Enterprises ready for brainstormers' proposals (30.04.2009)

Many companies have decided to unite their summer retreats this year with the brainstorming bees, not just to vacation together during tough times, but also to contribute to the betterment of Estonia.

"We decided this year to participate in the brainstorming bee for the company's summer retreat. We hope our exact role will be decided by the participants. After May 1st we will select one idea from the idea bank and we will join in the effort to help implement it," said Kaja Sepp, the head of public relations in EMT.  

Press release: My Estonia Brainstorming Bees to Take Place Worldwide (17.04.2009)

My Estonia brainstorming bees, in addition to Estonia, will be taking place in several other countries. Estonians have set up idea workshops in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Holland, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Georgia, and the United States. The possibility of setting up of idea workshops in Latvia and Australia is still being discussed.

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